Floor tiling

The floor tile represents strong, reliable, thermo- and a moisture-proof covering, besides not demanding special leaving. This kind of a covering, certainly, possesses variety of conclusive advantages.

Century tradition of use of such sexual covering worldwide in aggregate with modern achievements of industrial technologies give to attention of admirers of a tile the hugest choice of production of various quality, structure and appearance.

Not to become puzzled in this sea of existing assortment it is necessary to make at least general idea about types of a tile, their basic properties, and also to compare own financial possibilities with desirable quality as this pleasure is far not from the cheap.

So, one of the building materials of versions of a floor tile most widely presented in the domestic market is the ceramic tile. It can be subdivided into the glazed and not glazed versions depending on the presence of a protective layer of glaze giving to a tile effect of luster. Not glazed tile needs drawing of special protective structure for the purpose of prevention of pollution and fast wear process.

The glazed ceramic tile differs the raised stability to pollution and a moisture. Its negative property is slipperiness smooth external covering. The most widespread forms of such tile is a square (the party of 150 or 200 mm), or a rectangle (200 mm х 100 mm).

Career tile – a fine variant for a covering of a kitchen floor. The rough surface, warm colour shades will successfully add an interior of any kitchen, giving to it of comfort and a cosiness. The career tile usually keeps within over a concrete basis and from above is processed by protective structure. For registration of a floor covering from a tile a plinth it is possible to pick up for edge samples of a tile with the raised rounded off one edge.
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The metal tile represents a standard ceramic basis with a special metal dusting. Such aesthetically attractive product costs, however, considerable financial assets. But such tile will fairly decorate any premises.


One more expensive version of a tiled covering, slate tile, will make fine party for a cosy interior of the premise issued under old. Natural shades of tone and the rough invoice of a slate tile do by its worthy addition of the most graceful and rich registration.

Removing floor tile

Any covering of a floor will prematurely wear out, if it is necessary on the rough basis. Full story »

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